My Chicago Bulls Page

On my Chicago Bulls page I maintain three iCal calendars, 2 for the Chicago Bulls and 1 for the NBA. I also have, or will soon have, links to my Bulls pictures, and thoughts on fan websites, blogs, and podcasts.

My Bike Rides Page

I've recently gotten back into bike riding. On my Bike Rides page I list some of my favorite routes.


I used to maintain a gitfs page at When I redesigned the site in early 2006 I dropped it, because it was too difficult to keep current. Well, its back - I'm now using a new service, called Gift Hat. Here is a link to my Wishlist at Gift Hat.

Another possible source for gift ideas for me/us is Winelog. We have a wish list there, which is a list of wines that we haven't had but we have heard about and would like to try. We also have a list that combines that wish list with wines that we have already had and enjoyed. I know that's odd, but that is how they do things there.

Yet another possible source is my Amazon Wish List. I say possible because most of the things on this list are books, and for the most part I have no desire to own these books, but rather to check them out of the library. Still, it might make a good gift.

Please e-mail Amy - she'll act as a clearinghouse for which gift ideas have been used, and which are still available.