The Start

On Saturday, April 13 I gave my doctor a blood sample, mostly to test for cholesterol.

In the afternoon, on Monday, April 15, my doctor called me with the results:

Blood LineMy NumberNormal Range
Platelets14,000150,000 - 350,000
White Blood Cells1.64 - 10
Red Blood Cells3.64 - 6

The Explanation

The term for all the blood lines being low is panceytopenia. This article talks about the leading causes. In my case, it seems aplastic anemia is the most likey diagnosis. The treatment page reveals that this is a serious diagnosis.

I certainly was worried because of the serious nature of these results. However, I remained skeptical of the accuracy of the results because I did not exhibit any of the symptoms one would expect. For example, with a platelet count of 14,000 I should have been bleeding from my gums when I brushed my teeth, and bruising easily.

The Conclusion

I took Wednesday, April 17, off from work so that I could see a hematologist. He did a physical and another CBC (complete blood count). Here are my new results:

Blood LineMy Old NumberMy New NumberNormal Range
Platelets14,000288,000150,000 - 350,000
White Blood Cells1.64.84 - 10
Red Blood Cells3.65.274 - 6

Not the top of the range, but certainly "normal". The current explanation is that there was a lab mix-up. So, I am fine. This certainly was not the best way to spend 48 hours, but I am relieved that I am healthy. I advice everyone to be happy with what they have.

I would like to thank everyone who talked to me and helped me through this - especially Kevin.